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bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition - Quick Start Guide at a glance

aquaris e4.5 quick start guide

1. Micro SD slot
2. Headphone jack
3. Light and proximity sensor
4. Front camera
5. Notification LED
6. Receiver
7. Micro SIM slots
8. On/Off button
9. Volume key
10. Microphone
11. Micro-USB port
12. Speaker
13. Rear camera
14. Flash light
15. Noise-canceling microphone


A. Insert Micro SIM card

Making sure the device is off, insert the end of the SIM key in the opening of the SIM slot you wish to use. Place your SIM card in the tray. Make sure it is in the right position.

The SIM trays are accessed from the phone’s exterior; the rear cover should not be removed under any circumstances.

aquaris e4.5 quick start guide

B. Insert MicroSD card

Remove the cover that protects the MicroSD slot and insert the MicroSD card into the slot, making sure the metal pins are at the top and facing upwards (i.e. towards
the screen). Push the card in until you notice a slight click, which indicates that it has been inserted correctly.

aquaris e4.5 quick start guide

* MicroSD card not included in the retail package

C. Switch On the phone

To switch on your bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, press and hold down (for a few seconds) the On/Off button located on the side of the smartphone.

aquaris e4.5 quick start guide

D. Switch Off the phone

To switch off the device, press and hold down the On/Off button for 2 s. If you only press the button briefly, without holding it down, then screen will turn off but the device will remain switched on.

aquaris e4.5 quick start guide

E. Charge the battery

When you switch on the device for the first time, allow the battery to fully run down. Then charge it back up to its full capacity (about 4h). You can also charge this smartphone by connecting it to other devices using the USB cable; howerver, the charge time may vary significantly.

aquaris e4.5 quick start guide